Running a small business involves navigating a complex legal landscape, but Small Business Troubles is here to help. Our Legal category provides tips and resources to help you understand and comply with the laws and regulations that affect your business. From registering your business and protecting your intellectual property, to negotiating contracts and resolving disputes, our articles offer practical guidance on a range of legal issues. Note: this does not replace the need for a lawyer.

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A small event business The text reads: the ultimate guide to incorporating a small business
The Ultimate Guide on Incorporating a Small Business

This article will discuss what incorporation means, the benefits and downsides, when you should inco…

Someone with a merchant account
What is a Merchant Account for Small Businesses?

To accept card payments, you need to create a merchant account. This account will serve as a middlem…

A picture showing a woman near her store's counter. The text reads: 7 helpful tips to register your small business
7 Helpful Tips to Register Your Small Business

There are several rules and regulations you need to follow in registering your business. These laws …