How to Start a Small Business with Your Skills

A display of different small business ideas based on skills. A girl knitting, a man moulding , a woman baking and a life coach.
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    Do you want to start a small business? What would it be about? Something you are good at or a niche market that is already thriving? This is a common problem for many who are considering starting a small business. 

    While it is wise to go for a booming market, it’s also best to go for a small business idea based on your strength. There is no greater feeling than doing something you love and getting rewarded for it. So, how can you start a business with your skills? This article will give you helpful suggestions based on your skill set. 

    Key Takeaways

    • Before you start a business, you need to determine if you have what it takes by carrying out a critical assessment of your abilities and skills. 
    • When you choose a business idea based on your skills, you not only make money but enjoy what you do.
    • One of the most important steps you should take in starting your business is knowing who your target market is. Then, you can create effective strategies that help you reach them.

    12 Small Business Ideas Based on Your Skill Set

    So, what are your strengths? Are you good at fixing things or writing or mathematics? What online business ideas can you start with these skills? Here are some skill sets and small businesses you could start with it:

    1. You love to fix things
      1. Become a handyman
      2. Go into construction
      3. Become a designer
    2. You love mathematics
      1. Start a bookkeeping business
    3. You love motivating others
      1. Start a fitness club
      2. Become a life coach
    4. You love to write
      1. Become a freelance writer
      2. Become an editor or proofreader
    5. You are creative
      1. Become a photographer
      2. Become a print artist
    6. You like to organize things
      1. Become an event planner
      2. Become a virtual assistant

    You love to fix things

    Do you like to fix things? If so, here are three ideal business ideas you could go for:

    • Become a handyman
    • Go into construction
    • Become a fashion designer

    Become a handyman

    If you love to solve issues or fix problems, starting a handyman business might be your ideal small business. You can start an electrical or plumbing business or a general handyman-type job. You might need to go for a vocational degree or get certified before you start the business. 

    Go into construction

    A construction business is a great fit if you like to do a handyman job. If you have been helping others to do this work for free, you might as well start your own construction business. If you don’t have the necessary skills, you go for a trade program or an apprenticeship. However, if you have simple construction skills, this can also help you start a business.

    Become a fashion designer

    If you love fashion and can sew, you can start a business making, repairing, or altering clothes. You don’t need any specific training for this, however, you might need to improve your skills in sewing. This is a perfect small business to start at home with no hassle.

    You love mathematics

    If you are good with numbers and love calculating, here is a business idea you could start:

    • Start a bookkeeping business

    Start a bookkeeping business

    Do you like to calculate financial transactions and keep records? Then, the bookkeeping business is good for you. As a bookkeeper, you will:

    • Document and categorize financial transactions
    • Manage the finances of an organization or person through certain accounting software
    • Prepare financial statements

    You can check this guide on bookkeeping to help you get started.

    You love motivating others

    Have you ever been told that you are good at motivating others? Maybe you like to give words of affirmation to your friends and family. If this is so, then how about you turn your skill into something monetary? This doesn’t mean that you have to stop motivating others unless they give you money. Here are some businesses to start with this skill:

    Start a fitness club

    Are you into fitness? If so, how about you start a personal training business or open a gym? There are plenty of options as a fitness motivator. From being an instructor to becoming a general fitness coach, you have a lot of opportunities based on where your skill set strength lies. 

    Like other business ideas on this list, you will need a certification. So, ensure that you choose the right certification for your specific fitness career choice.

    Become a life coach

    Are you someone that likes to motivate people to achieve their dreams? Do you like to push them to reach their potential? If so, consider building a life coach business. You can choose an association to get your certification or training as a life coach. To grow your coaching business, you will need to market yourself to your prospects

    You love to write

    If you love to write, then here are some profitable business ideas to start:

    • Become a freelance writer
    • Become an editor or proofreader

    Become a freelance writer

    Freelancing marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr are great platforms to start your writing career. You can build a freelancing business on these platforms. One of the best things about freelance writing is how vast it is. You can choose to become a blog writer, technical writer, copywriter, or ghostwriter, based on what your strengths are.

    Become an editor or proofreader

    Not all writers are editors or proofreaders and vice versa. Some writers still require the services of an editor to proofread their work and make corrections. If you love to pay attention to details as a writer, then editing and proofreading services are good business ideas.

    You are creative

    Do you love art or love to draw? Or do you like taking photographs? Then, here are some creative, yet profitable business ideas for you:

    • Become a photographer
    • Sell art prints 

    Become a photographer

    If you have an eye for and love to take pictures, how about you consider turning your passion into a business? Although the market is saturated, you can find a less crowded niche, like mobile photography, portraits, or landscape photography.

    Sell art prints

    It is difficult to sell art online if you are new to the industry. However, selling prints of your art can be an easy and quick way to make money. You can create high-quality prints using ink, paper, and a printer. The cost for this is low, but as time goes by, you can upgrade your printing tools.

    You like to organize things

    If you like getting things done in an orderly fashion, here are some small business ideas to go for:

    • Become an event planner
    • Become a virtual assistant

    Become an event planner

    Event planning is an ideal business idea for anyone who loves organization. There are many important events happening every day and these events require planners to make sure everything goes smoothly. As an event planner, you can organize weddings, business events, museum tours, and concerts. The industry is not saturated and anyone can become successful if they market themselves well to their target customers.

    Become a virtual assistant

    If you are great at getting tasks done on time and efficiently, you can start a virtual assistant business. You might need to take additional courses on social media marketing, learn how to set up Excel data, and how email marketing works to improve your virtual assistant skills.

    Other Small Business Ideas to Start With Your Skills

    The following are other business ideas you can start with your skills:

    • Become a teacher
    • Become a consultant
    • Go into freelancing
    • Start blogging

    Become a Teacher

    Every day, people seek knowledge. So, why don’t you think of something to offer to help them? Think of the things you know a lot about. It could be a skill like sewing, handicrafts or it could be a talent like singing. How about you improve your knowledge of these things and start teaching others about them? Once you have decided on the topic you want to impart to others, it is time to start looking for students. You can position yourself online as a teacher in the niche of your choice and get as many people as possible as your students. 

    Become a Consultant

    Do you have a good fashion sense and are always praised for this? Then, you can become a fashion consultant and help others improve their appearance. Are you good at home decor and organization? Then, how about you become a real estate consultant or personal home organizer? 

    There are a lot of opportunities in consulting. Some firms hire consultants in different areas to assist them in a project or improve a business operation. If you have experience in a particular field industry, how about you become a consultant for companies that need your services?

    Another consulting service you can offer is to become a career coach. The role of a career coach is to help people make good decisions and improve their performances in their careers. If you wish to excel in this role, read more about career coaching.

    Go into Freelancing

    What skills do you have? Can you edit videos well or can you write well? You can start selling your skills as a freelancer to others. This is a very lucrative industry especially if you have a paid job and want to make extra money in your free time. You can offer your services to people from the comfort of your home.

    You can get clients as a freelancer from freelancing marketplaces or independent job websites. As you take up more projects as a freelancer, you improve your skills and earn a good reputation among clients. 

    Start Blogging

    Starting your blog is a fine way to start making money with your skills. Regardless of what your niche industry is, you can become a blogger and write about it. The secret to being a successful blog writer is to be consistent, and creative, and ensure that you get more visitors to read your blogs.


    If you have any of the skills above and would like to go for some online business ideas, you must calculate the costs and weigh your options. Would it be easy to start a small business with only your skills? Will you need to take a course to polish your skills? You should keep these questions in mind to make a good choice.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I have what it takes to start a business?

    Although you might have the right skills to start a business, you still need to determine if you have what it takes to start a business. Take a critical assessment of your skill, talents, and abilities. Some questions you can ask yourself during this assessment include:

    • Am I a risk-taker?
    • Do I communicate well with people?
    • Can I make good decisions?
    • Am I physically fit to start the business I have in mind?
    • How will I maintain my motivation?
    • Can I work without assistance?

    Some people are fortunate to possess some of the qualities mentioned above, while others have to start learning them. It is important to have a complete evaluation of your skills and talents before you start your business. If you want to succeed in your new business, you must improve your skills; find a mentor if possible.

    How can I choose the right business idea?

    Once you’ve decided that you have what it takes to start a business, the next step to take is to choose the right business idea. But how can you make the right choice? This is also a personal decision for you to make. You know your strengths and weaknesses. You also understand what your skills and talents are. So, use available online resources to see ways you can use your skills to start a business or what niche markets you can excel in with your abilities.  

    What is the first thing to do after choosing my business idea?

    Once you choose your business idea, you might begin to wonder what the next line of action should be. Personal branding is the first step you need to take. This involves knowing more about your niche industry, and your target market, and having a value proposition. Other steps to take when starting a business include:

    • Choosing a business name
    • Choosing a business location 
    • Registering your business under the right authorities
    • Getting the necessary business licenses
    • Creating business and marketing plans

    Take your time as you go through each step. The sequence for each of these steps differs depending on the business idea you go for. 

    How can I market my business?

    You can not get customers without marketing. While there are different marketing strategies or tactics you should try out, here are six P’s of marketing that can help you choose the right strategy for your business:

    • Product: What are you selling or what services are you offering? What are the benefits of your product?
    • Production: How do you produce your product or service? What is your process like? What materials or tools do you use?
    • Price: How much do you offer your product or service?
    • Promotion: How will your prospects learn about your brand?
    • Place: Where is your business located? In a physical location or online?
    • Perception: How do people see your brand?