Best Writing Tools for Business Productivity in 2023

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    Writing tools help businesses stay organized, reduce distractions, and improve productivity. No matter how experienced a business owner is, there is still a need to check the structure, tone, and grammar of a piece of writing. The best AI writing tools perform these tasks and improves a business’s important content.

    With a lot of AI writing tools available, choosing the right one can be tough. However, you can narrow your search based on the important features you want from the tools. This article will discuss some writing software options to go for in 2023.

    Key Takeaways

    • Writing is as important to a business as marketing, sales, and any other important operations.
    • The right writing tool will help your business stay organized, reduce distractions, and improve productivity. 
    • The best writing tool comes with features that encourage collaboration and productivity.

    20+ Best AI Writing Tools for Business Productivity

    The following are some of the best AI writing tools you should go for:

    • Hemingway editor
    • Hypotenuse AI
    • Nota
    • Canva
    • Plagiarism checker
    • Grammarly
    • Todoist
    • Evernote
    • IFTTT
    • Spark
    • Quip
    • Bear notes
    • ScanBot
    • Paper by 53
    • Just press record
    • Google Drive
    • Accompany
    • Wordtune
    • WordAI
    • Nebo
    • Gboard

    Hemingway Editor

    This AI writing tool for productivity refers to itself as a ‘spell checker, but for style’. The key features of the Hemingway Editor are to change passive sentences to active voice ones and replace difficult words with easy ones. Since the editing suggestion can be a little too distracting while writing, users can switch it off and run the editing suggestions after writing. The Hemingway editor cost a one-time fee of $19.99 for Windows and Mac, but the web version is free.

    Hypotenuse AI

    This is a copywriting tool that can help you write your ad copies, portfolio, website copies, and so much more. This software is most especially useful if you have writer’s block. All you need is to provide the software with the topic that needs to be written, the tool will provide the titles, sub-titles, and paragraphs. With hypotenuse AI, you find the right words for your idea and minimize the time spent thinking about your ideas.


    This is a pro notes app that is designed for markdown files. Nota allows you to write notes or lists of important tasks you want to carry out. What makes this tool efficient is that you do not require an account to use it or a subscription. It is currently in its beta form but will soon be released in 2023.


    You know Canva as a simple graphic designing tool that can make anyone design anything from logos to posters and business cards. However, Canva has a writing tool called Canva Docs. Canva Docs is a visual writing tool that allows you to add images, videos, and other graphics to a document. It has a magic write AI tool which is available for pro users. What is more, this tool allows you to collaborate with different people from anywhere in the world and you can convert the document into a presentation.

    Plagiarism Checker

    If you want to know if a web page, book, academic research paper, or news is plagiarized, you will need the best detection tool for this. The Plagiarism checker is the best AI writing tool that scans your written content to make sure there is no sign of plagiarism. It is a free online tool that many students, teachers, and businesses use every day.


    This is a free, yet effective writing assistant. Grammarly is one of the best writing tools for every business. It allows you to check grammar, correct spelling, and get better suggestions that improve your articles, documents, or any written content. It has a premium version but you can get a lot from its free version.


    As its name implies, Todoist is used in creating to-do lists and other documents. Todoist comes with a smart scheduler that allows you to schedule your to-do lists with ease. Its document feature allows collaboration with other people and if there are changes made to the document, Todoist will send a reminder to you immediately. 


    If you have never used Evernote before, now is the time to use this effective note-taking and cloud-storage software. You can create documents, memos, and sketches, and store them in the cloud. Evernote is used by journalists and business owners to understand their projects better. Do you need to brainstorm business ideas, take notes of your ideas, or collect feedback from others? Evernote provides you with the right tools to effectively do all of this.

    This platform is mobile and web compatible and you can download it on any app store. Its in-built archiving and finding content tool will make you never switch back to any other means of keeping notes.


    This software is another to-do list automation tool that can improve your business operations. You can automate tasks like sending messages to people or backing up important documents. Its AI assistant allows you to convert tweets into blog posts and generate a blog from a topic. It comes in both free and pro versions. 


    This is a great app for your email. It has an AI writing assistant that helps you craft perfect emails faster. It comes with a proofreader, a rephrasing tool, and a tone detector that allows you to write the perfect emails for your campaigns.


    Quip is an effective writing tool for project managers, sales and marketing teams. It has similar features to Evernote and Google Drive. Quip allows team collaboration on documents so everyone can work together in one place. It also has an instant messaging feature when working on documents that allow easy communication with team members.

    Bear Notes

    This is a note-taking app for Mac and iOS users. Bear Notes is a unique yet simple tool that comes with text formatting features. It is a great tool that reduces writer’s block. From notes to essays, this app is the right one for you. It also comes with a focus mode that helps you concentrate and it has full image support that brings meaning to your writing. 


    This ai writing tool helps in scanning documents or images which you can send through any platform. ScanBot does a good job of scanning high-quality documents for your project. And what makes it better than other scanning tools is that it is faster and more reliable.

    Paper by 53

    This is a drawing and notebook app that allows you to bring your sketches and notes in one platform. It has features that allow you to bring all your checklists, notes, and drawings into one place. You can also import the documents to PDF, PowerPoint, or Keynote. Paper by 53 is available for Apple users.

    Just Press Record

    This app works on all Apple devices including the smartwatch. Just Press Record is a speech-to-text tool that can transcribe any audio or speech-to-text including punctuation marks. You can record your voice or take recorded audio and convert it into text. This app supports multiple languages and you can store and share your transcriptions on iCloud.

    Google Drive

    This best writing tool list will not be complete without including Google’s productivity tools. Google Drive is home to multiple collaborative tools that allows you to create, organize, and share any file. It has cloud storage where you can store documents. Also, Google Drive works on any operating system.

    Do you have writer’s block? will help you get inspiration to write blog posts and craft engaging social media posts. helps you produce original ads and sales copy for your marketing campaigns. This tool is easy to use. All you have to provide is a few words or sentences and it will help you craft an engaging email, ad copy, blog posts, and so much more.


    This tool acts as a virtual assistant that helps you prepare for your meetings and important events. The software prepares a well-structured report for you to send to individuals and businesses that will be part of your upcoming meeting or event. Accompany also allows you this report via email to them. 


    This is an effective editing app for all businesses. You might be writing a blog or a report and think you are doing a good job until you take a second look at what you are doing. With Wordtune AI, you can rephrase your writing and reword sentences without running the tone or meaning. This tool improves sentence structure and reduces editing time so you have more time to write creative content.


    This is a AI writing tool that analyzes different documents, extracts important information, then creates content based on the information. WordAI understands complex sentences, syntax, and context and uses this to accurately rewrite documents in any language. This software comes in three paid plans, with the cheapest at around $27.


    Nebo allows you to create beautiful and professional documents by hand on a limitless canvas. It is powered by AI handwriting recognition technology (interactive ink tech). You can write bullet points, draw diagrams, sketch your ideas, and send them to Microsoft Office and other text apps. Nebo comes with a search tool that allows you to find important files easily. 


    This is a mobile keyboard provided by Google that comes with voice and gesture typing, emojis, and GIF support. What makes GBoard a unique writing assistant is that it has an integrated Google search bar that allows you to search for any information or add any information when writing.

    Features of the Best AI Writing Tools for Productivity

    The following are some features of these tools:

    • Collaboration
    • Planning and brainstorming
    • Organizing
    • Templating
    • Dictation
    • Proofreading
    • Anti-plagiarism
    • Readability
    • Tone-assessment


    The best writing tool will allow team members to share documents and drafts. You and your team members can edit documents and suggest revisions in real-time. By collaborating, you increase productivity.

    Planning and Brainstorming

    Another feature is the ability to brainstorm and plan complex ideas for a presentation or white paper to make sure that content is created clearly and logically. This feature also helps to illustrate important points by adding diagrams in presentations for more impact.


    The best tools help to organize different sources for research projects with ease. You can streamline your drafting processes and refer back to the sources during revisions.


    The best AI writing tools come with templates that show you how to write formal and informal documents with the right formatting. This template improves writing with a clear visual organization.


    This speech-to-text feature allows team members who communicate better through speaking to send their writing through words which will be converted into texts. The feature also allows the automatic taking of notes during presentations and meetings.


    This is a very important feature that allows you to minimize mistakes after writing. It also helps to improve your documents so it looks formal and professional. It reduces passive voice sentences and replaces them with active voice sentences which improves the quality of your content. 


    An effective writing tool must be anti-plagiarism i.e. it must ensure originality and not copy-and-paste other people’s work. Anti-plagiarism prevents expensive legal complications. It also establishes trustworthiness and authority.


    This helps you to craft well-structured content. It also ensures that communication or the message you are passing is not too complex or too basic for your audience. Readability also improves message engagement with more clearer and targeted content.


    This feature helps to assess or evaluate the tone of content by analyzing its word choice and sentence structure and revising where necessary. The feature also helps to align the tone of a piece based on the internal guidelines of a brand.


    Being productive is important. If you want to improve your business efficiency, you must use the right tools for this. The apps and tools mentioned above can improve your business in different ways, from marketing to sending emails, collaborating with others, and hyperlocal social media marketing. Once you have chosen the right tool that suits your needs, you are good to go.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are there free AI writing tools available?

    Yes. Most of the tools mentioned in this article are powered by AI and come with a free plan or free trials for their paid plans. ChatGPT, although not on this list, is another free AI writing tool you can use. It has multiple features and it will provide answers to any questions.

    Can AI writing tools replace content writers?

    Most of these tools do what content writers do and some argue they do it better. However, technology lacks the emotion and creativity to engage people as content writers can. So, these tools will only make work easier, not replace any job.